Corbo's Corner Deli has been serving homemade food to loyal customers for over 14 years. With two locations in Greenwich, CT. and our newest store in Stamford, CT. We continue to strive to be the best tasting and conveniently accessible deli and catering business in lower Fairfield county. We thank you for your continued patronage.

"The only thing better than the perfect sandwich, is the perfect sandwich with a nice group of friends"
Jon Corbo, John Bosco, Matt Watson, Dave Corbo

Jon Corbo

An avid drummer and music fan. He enjoys kayaking on the sound, all things Maureen and sipping on Jonny Sodas.

Matt "Randy" Watson

Matt, a real man's man, once rebuilt a small fruit stand out of a box of toothpicks and some buthchers twine. He is passionate for hockey, his lovely wife Katie, his boy Jack and his barking children Bruce and Peter.

John Bosco

Known to his family as the "Deli Man", he enjoys being a part of a really nice group. Loves loving his beautiful wife Traci, his girl Char Char and his newest addition John Patrick.

Dave Corbo

Yeah that's right. His support system, his amazing wife Nina, his son Max and his little girl Sofia.